The best tent cot

What is a Tent Cot?

Tent cot is a hybrid between a tent and a cot. This are cots that have coverings to protect campers from elements and insects. And just like other cots, this type of cot is elevated from the ground, making sleep quite comfortable compared to sleeping on the ground. It is especially helpful when you are going camping to rocky terrain and if it is raining.

iiiu10 Best Tent Cot to Check out

  • Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent cot

This is one of the most comfortable cot sold in the market today. I found this comfortable and quite handy since like the name implies— it is oversized. It is as big as a twin size bed and is perfect for large campers.


Some consider this as the perfect cot because of its qualities that is so far unmatched. It is about 25 lbs, maybe a little heavy for carrying around with you when hiking for a distance but I assure you that its weight is nothing compared to how comfortable it gives. It is very easy to set up and to store and gives elevation from the ground of upto 11 inches. It gives you great protection from harsh elements as well as keeping you away from insects, snakes and rocks. It has mesh linings and some doors and windows which gives you a feeling of security and comfort. It can handle all types of weather condition such as rain, heat, snow, etc. It is not too cheap but the price is affordable and is worth your while especially if you are looking for quality for your money. Read More …

The best type of lawn mower

There are many types of lawn mowers out there but the only way to find what is best for you is to find out what do you really need before buying one.

So before purchasing you need to do some research and that is where I come in. I will show you the different types of lawn mower as well as give you some pointers that will help you pick the best type of lawn mower for you.

So now that I have shown you the different types of lawn mower, you can now determine what the best type of lawn mower will suit you best. I hope this article will help you choose wisely.

Step 1. First is to consider what you really need

This means that how do you decide on how to mow your lawn. Would you want to ride comfortably or would you do more exercise by walking? According to Consumer Report, if you have a lawn that is bigger than half an acre, the best thing to go is a riding mower. But if you have a lot smaller lawn, just go for a more smaller non riding lawn mower, not unless you want to attract attention from neighbors. You may choose a man powered or a motor powered lawn mower; electric or petrol powered; corded or battery; push or propelled.

#2 Consider if you want to do Grass Clippings

There are many types of mowers that offers different features. So first, think if you want find a lawn mower that has a side discharge, if you want to bag the clippings, or if you want the tiny blades of grass to just be left on the ground.

#3 Yard Incline

Check what kind of terrain you have. If you have a sloppy terrain , a flat lawn or have a small hill. Just remember that the maximum angle you can cut safely is about 15 degree slope. However if you have a bigger slope, consider bigger, better mower for going up and down the hill.

The best type of lawn mower

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