The Great Budapest Pub Crawl

All in all this ruin bar crawl was well worth the money and would definitely recommend.

We went bar crawling on our first night in Budapest. It was a Wednesday. If you want the huge groups, I would recommend to go on a Thursday or at the weekend. As we travelled a lot that day, we were a bit tired and we opted to avoid the big groups at the weekend. This was a very good decision. Read More …

The Amazing hidden beauty of Vietnam

Vietnam is a wonderfully beautiful country in the Southeastern Asian countries. The country is located within the Southeastern region of Asia, is one of the monsoon tropical climate. Vietnam has got the people of around 90 million folks in 2013. Hanoi town, which has over 1000 many years of cultural development, is the capital city and among the busiest tourist cities in Vietnam.

The biggest city is Ho chi minh City positioned in the South. Economically regarding, Vietnam is really a developing country with market-oriented economic climate. Vietnam is on the technique to modernise its business and livelihood sectors with aggregate investments. Vietnam attracts an incredible number of tourists each year. Most of the tourists enjoy their own visit to Vietnam and want to come back.

Vietnam is a country of pure beauty with numerous magnificent sites in the Northern to the Southern areas. In the North, Sapa, Fansipan, Halong These types of, Hanoi City, Tam Coc (so known as dry Halong Bay) are typically the most popular places. The mountainous area within the Northwest and beautifully carved limestone rubble in Halong or Ninh Binh are kept in minds of numerous visitors.

Because of the proven fact that Vietnam has more than 3000 distance long coastal line, the beaches within the Central are extremely beautiful.

 Danang, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Thien Camera, My Khe beaches…. are listed as the most charming beaches on the planet. To the Central Southern area, visitors are amazed at beauty from the Highlands with mountainous areas filled by romantic valleys and lengthy streams and colorful hill- tribes.

Pickup Vietnam itinerary 1 week tour a good choice!

Within the South, the Mekong Delta may be the favorite tourism destination with tranquil rice paddies, numerous canals over streams of Mekong River and lots of tropical fruit gardens. Vietnam offers harmoniously combined beauty of conventional and modern features. Read More …

Top 3 Best Resorts for the Family in Europe

Looking for a fancy and relaxing getaway vacation for the whole family? I have listed here the top 3 best resorts in Europe that the whole family will surely love.

  • Tenerife’s Abama Golf and Spa Resort

This wonderful resort is located between the mountains and the beach. Owned by the Ritz Carlton, this luxury family resort offers full entertainment program for the entire family. They provide an elaborate kids club that is open from morning to 12 in the evening. They also have larege theatre, a soft play area and a footie pitch. There are also live shows, music shoes, wine tasting and regular cooking demonstrations.

The resort has about 7 swimming pools in which 2 are made naturally by seawater, a secluded beach area, a tennis academy and an impressive golf course.

Top 3 Best Resorts for the Family in Europe

This place is also very convenient for mothers cause you can just pack lightly. No need for you to bring a walker, a bouncer chair, bottle warmers, sterilizers and pushchairs cause they have everything you need, all you have to do is ask. They even have water toys and pistols by the beach or pools.

Scattered villas made up the resort with rooms and suites at the main hotel makes this resort a truly beautiful place to relax and unwind. The lovely villas are grouped with their own pool and maybe a little far from the main hotel but each villa residents are given a golf cart buggy to help you go from one place to another. So for villa residents with children, this is very convenient since the restaurants, spa, main family pool and kids club are all inside the main hotel. But I suggest that you should just stick with the main hotel if you have kids, so that you won’t have to bother driving the buggy to and fro the hotel.

  • England’s Chewton Glen

Chewton Glen is one of England’s best resorts for families, not only for its wonderful view but also caters to kids. They provide small slippers and robes, and even small boots, baby equipments, kites, bikes, and lots of toys for little kids and babies. The location of this hotel resort is between the beach and the New Forest. The contasts in the scenery offers a really relaxing and fun filled adventure. There are many activities that you and your family can do. Read More …

The rhythm of life in Ho Chi Minh City

Going to different parts of the world is always a passion to many tourist enthusiasts. These people find traveling not just an adventure full of explorations and entertainment, but also a way of learning culture, history and the way of living in every country they travel. It might be tiring moving around to different tourist spots, but the great experience tourists had is enough to lessen and vanish the tiredness brought by traveling. Travelers are always ready anyway to face all the hassle and stress as a part of their journey, so let the things flow as it goes.

There are many beautiful countries in the Southeastern part of Asia for you to choose from. You have Bangkok, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam, but you just have to pick one at a time as it fits your schedule. If you are going to visit the amazing country of Vietnam, great tourist spots are waiting for you at different provinces and one of the most visited among those spots is the busy city of Ho Chi Minh. You can also come and move around all the beautiful places in the country of Vietnam through open bus tours or boat adventures, but that is if you have enough time.

Life in the Ho Chi Minh City

Life in the Ho Chi Minh City is very simple. If you are in the city area, you will have everything that you need, but always expect that there will be traffic jams in the city because it is the center of trade and business. The Ho Chi Minh City tour you can see of the most populated areas because there is much life in the city. So, you have to expect that the crowd will bring traffic because of the transportation. Read More …

The Interesting of Sapa tourism in Vietnam

Assortment of mountains in the eastern extremity of the Himalayas governs the Sa Pa District, located in 380 km north-west of Hanoi in the Lào Cai Province. Sapa tourism is attaining popularity among the tourists. The interesting aspect of Sapa tourist.


sapa travel

Climbing over the Fansipan Mountain

Viewing the sea cloud and golden rice terraces to conquer the Indochina is an adventurous task though cable car will introduce in Fansipan in near future.  Climbing over a mountain is a difficult task as many people are afraid of climbing. But it is a most fascinating experience that most people want to have it once in a life time. In the time of Vietnam visit it is the best choice to climb up the mountain if one wants to enjoy the beauty of mountain. Read More …

Places to visit when you traveling to Ho Chi Minh City

There are so many places to visit around the world and many among tourist lovers come and explore the beauty and elegance of Asia. And in the southern part of Asia, you can find great and amazing countries to visit like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia and Laos. Tourist lovers love to come and visit Asian countries because of the ease of access when it comes to transportation. And if you are going to consider expenses, especially when it comes to flights, coming to Asia is cheaper.



Many among tourist lovers would like to come and visit the beautiful country of Vietnam because this country is rich in history and have perfect tourist destinations for everybody. In the southernmost part of Vietnam, you will find a city called the Ho Chi Minh City. Visitors from all walks of life prefer to choose Ho Chi Minh City, despite of traffic jam, the crowd and being one of the busiest cities in Vietnam. The Ho Chi Minh City has much to offer for many visitors to explore and those destinations will sure give them a mark to remember. Read More …