Finding the Best Hunting Rangefinder on the Market

Looking for a hunting rangefinder is one of the preparatory steps that hunter rangefinders do. Sometimes, they find it difficult to choose the one that they need because of the various products available on the market today. However, if you are going to take a closer and deeper look at various products and awareness of the binocular type of the best hunting rangefinders, then you will be able to choose one that best suits your hunting needs. You just need to be patient and meticulous in choosing the one that you prefer to have.

What to consider before buying a hunting rangefinder

We have here some factors for you to consider before buying the best hunting rangefinder.

Best Hunting Rangefinder on the Market


Various magnification levels and coating are available on the market. The higher the magnification means that the more effectively you will get for magnifying your target. Therefore, allowing you to experience better viewing.


The type of lenses varies and this affects the light that comes into your eyes. There are coated lenses with a surface of the single layer coat of chemical, fully coated lenses with every glass lens is single layer coat, multi-coated lenses with a lens surface of multiple coating and fully multi-coated lenses with all glass lenses of multiple coating.


The distance also matters because you need to be accurate with it. It usually takes a distance of 1000 to 6000 yards. So, you better check your position or location of the target.

Types of Hunting Rangefinders

There are various types of hunting rangefinders and that depends on the type of hunting that you practice, your tools or equipment, environment and purpose.


When your type of hunting is with the use of a bow, then you need to carry a bow with good angle and compact design. And then, make sure you are in the right position.

Rifle Hunting

Now, you need to have some more distance compared to bow hunting. Using the proper and right equipment with good features, such as magnification, weight of the rifle, the size of the rifle and the range. Magnification is very important for an accurate shot.

Best Hunting Rangefinder on the Market

Rifle Shooting

A longer distance is needed when shooting. Clear optics is also necessary, so a powerful magnification is a must.

Dual –Purpose Rangefinders

This type of hunting rangefinder maybe used for bow or for rifle hunting. This type is more capable when it comes to range. Makes use of LCD, LED or an OLED in displaying the range and the reticulated data.

Reviews of the Best Types of Hunting Rangefinders

Nikon Archer’s Choice

The Niko Archer’s Choise with an 18-mm ocular is ideal for all types of hunting rangefinders. This is an enhanced and improved LCD screen display with an LED illumination that allows you to select modes contrasting the target and the background. It has a display range with a tenth of 1 yard intervals. It also compensates ID Technology for Incline or Decline shooting angles. It comes with a Tru-Target Technology that allows you to choose the target mode. It is designed with a single button, making your operation easier and faster.

Bushnell Team Primos

The Bushnell Team Primos comes with an Angle Range Compensation or the ARC Technology and a bow mode to determine the distance compensation accordingly with your angle of shooting. Therefore, giving an indication and allowing the user to select a pin. It is also featured with 4x magnification for clear image quality. It is constructed with a single button for a fast and easy operation. It also provides a line of sight reading of up to 850 yards. It also has a tree-reading range of up to 600 yards and deer-reading of up to 200 yards. It is also built with an anti-slip, compact and ergonomically designed. It offers an angle that ranges from -90 to +90-degrees. It has a screen indicator for the battery life.

Simmons LRF 600

The Simmons LRF 600 features a pinpoint accuracy that provides a real distance from 10 – 600 yards shown on the screen display. It comes with a 4x magnification. It is designed with Tilt Intelligence to determine and display the True Horizontal Distance that comes along with the distance of the line of sight. It comes with an accurate tree-reading of up to 400 yards and deer-reading of up to 200 yards.

Jake usually goes outdoors for bow hunting. Sometimes he does not succeed in hitting his target with his usual equipment. So he had decided to buy a hunting rangefinder that suits for his bow hunting activity.”

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