The best spinning reel on the market

The demand for a spinning reel is increasing. This is because the number of people engaging in fishing activities is also increasing. Having the best fishing tools to use gives these people more fun and excitement. Of course, you will surely enjoy catching fish when your spinning reel is good. It boosts your confidence that you can catch a fish. Therefore, loving fishing more than ever.

Fishing is an outdoor activity that many people really enjoy. But, how sure are you that you are using the right equipment? Various products are available on the market. So, you need to be wise and buy your fishing tools that will surely last long.

Factors to Consider when buying a spinning reel

To ensure the quality and durability of the product that you are going to buy. We have here some factor that you must check before buying your spinning reel.


When it comes to the material used in the body of the spinning reel, be smart. The body must be sturdy and light. You may choose graphite material. It is lighter and more flexible than aluminium material but stronger. An aluminium corrodes when used in salt water, while graphite don’t.


You may buy a small reel if you will use a lightweight line. If you buy a bigger reel, then a heavier line is needed. Buy the reel size with its recommended line weight.

Gear ratio

There are low, medium and high gear ratios. The spinning reel comes with a bail to keep the line on its spool. The gear ratio determines the number of times the bail spins around the spool. For general fishing, a 5:1 gear ratio works fine. It means that the bail spins 5 times per turn. Read More …