Good Longboards to choose from

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or professional longboard rider, you must know how to choose a good and even the best longboard to use for cruising, down hilling or free riding. Those are just some of the activities you can do with your longboard.

But, what you must remember is your purpose. How would you like to use your longboard? That will be the very first question that you must answer, so that you can come up with a good choice. And of course, it is not that simple. You must also consider reading reviews about various longboard products. You must hear the opinion of other longboard riders, especially the professionals in this field.

Buying Longboards

So, have you figured out why you must buy a longboard and what type? You might still be confused and this question might be wandering in your mind. So, let me give you a hand and I will tell you why you must bother to have a longboard.

First, you might have friends riding a longboard. In such cases, you can enjoy hanging out with them if you share the same thing. That usually happens anywhere in the world. It’s like saying, birds of the same feather flocks together. So, to fit in the group, you will buy your own longboard and enjoy riding altogether rather than just watching them or borrowing from them.

Next, you might want to use it as your transport. Then, with the longboard, it will be easier for you to move around. Leaving all the hassle that traffic jam always give to every passenger. Another good thing is that you won’t be contributing to air pollution.

Lastly, it is one way of saving and having fun. You have a good and simple ride. You will just need to buy once. Just compute how much money you will spend every day paying for your fare. Then, having a longboard is a good point.

Various Riding Skills

Now, let us take a look at the various skills that you are surely excited about. Beginners are usually the ones who are very much excited to learn these moves. So, take your time and practice well. And also, do not forget to put on your safety gears to avoid injuries.

One skill is the Cruising or Carving. You must learn how to pass through the slopes. Wherever you are and riding on your longboard, you must be quick and alert.

We also have the Downhill Skill. This is a skill that is not absolutely for a beginner. Here, you have to ride on your longboard at a very fast speed without losing control. You have to maintain a smooth and a stable ride no matter how fast you are.

Next is the Freeride. Here, you just run with a fair speed. Of course, do not forget to show what you’ve got. Ride with your slides with a managed and controlled speed. Again, this is not for a beginner rider, but more of an expert longboard rider.

Lastly, we have the Freestyle Skill. Here, you just need to be creative and show various technical skills. This is how a beginner learns various skills, but do it slowly and safely.

Various Longboards

To help you choose a longboard. We have here the top ten longboards on the market and their descriptions. May the top ten longboards serve as your basis in buying one.

On top 1 is the Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo. It is an ultra-low board that is ideal for carving and down hilling.

On top 2 is the Atom Drop Through 41-Inch Longboard. It is ideal for sliding, cruising, carving and down hilling.

On top 3 is the Yocacher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard. It has a drop down type of board.

On top 4 is the Yocacher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard – Sunny Deck. It has drop down board with and ideal for downhill and flat surfaces.

On top 5 is the Atom Drop Through 40-Inch Longboard. It has a drop through deck and it is ideal for hard carving and free riding.

On top 6 is the Atom Drop Through Longboard. It is ideal for hilling.

On top 7 is the Sector 9 Longboard. It is ideal for carving.

On top 8 is the Atom Drop Deck 41-Inch Longboard. It is designed with an ultra-low riding and it is ideal for carving and down hilling.

On top 9 is the Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout drop through Complete Longboard Skateboard. It is ideal for sliding, cruising and carving.

On top 10 is the 40-Inch Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete. It is ideal for cruising and down hilling.


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