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What is a Tent Cot?

Tent cot is a hybrid between a tent and a cot. This are cots that have coverings to protect campers from elements and insects. And just like other cots, this type of cot is elevated from the ground, making sleep quite comfortable compared to sleeping on the ground. It is especially helpful when you are going camping to rocky terrain and if it is raining.

iiiu10 Best Tent Cot to Check out

  • Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent cot

This is one of the most comfortable cot sold in the market today. I found this comfortable and quite handy since like the name implies— it is oversized. It is as big as a twin size bed and is perfect for large campers.


Some consider this as the perfect cot because of its qualities that is so far unmatched. It is about 25 lbs, maybe a little heavy for carrying around with you when hiking for a distance but I assure you that its weight is nothing compared to how comfortable it gives. It is very easy to set up and to store and gives elevation from the ground of upto 11 inches. It gives you great protection from harsh elements as well as keeping you away from insects, snakes and rocks. It has mesh linings and some doors and windows which gives you a feeling of security and comfort. It can handle all types of weather condition such as rain, heat, snow, etc. It is not too cheap but the price is affordable and is worth your while especially if you are looking for quality for your money.

  • Outsunny Compact Portable Tent cot

This is one of top tent cot when it comes to portability. This tent cot has its tent coverings attached at the bottom and is wrapped around it. When you purchase this item, you will notice that it comes with the air mattress, a pillow and a sleeping bag. You get more than what you bargain for with this item and you will also get a good night’s sleep. It also comes with a free foot pump. This is perfect for campers who wants to simply enjoy outdoors.

  • Winterial Oversize Tent Cot

This is best for campers who wants maximum comfort when camping. Just like regular cots, it keeps you elevated from the ground and is most helpful when you are camping with rocky grounds. It will also keep you away from animals crawling from the ground. The materials used in this tent cot is heavy duty and will give campers the sense of security that it will withstand harsh elements. It has 4 doors and windows as well as mesh to keep insects away. It is great for cold nights and warm sunny days because it is breathable. You won’t have to worry about its durability since you get high quality products even though it is quite affordable.

best tent cot
  • Kamprite Rain Fly Tent Cot

This is the best selling tent cot of this company. Like regular cots that keeps you elevated off the ground, this tent cot protects you as well from the elements. It is very easy to set up and to store. Great from protecting campers from the cold ground. It comes with a roller wheel and a carry bag for portability.

  • Ozark Trail Instant Tent Cot

Camping should be one of the most comfortable and most luxurious activity you can do for yourself. It will help keep you sane and gives you a feeling of comfort and relaxation when you are bonding with nature. But in order for you to get a satisfying feeling, you need to have great sleep. Unfortunately, you can’t bring your spring mattress with you on camping, so this is what I can recommend as a great replacement. It sets up in few seconds, very easy to set up and comes with rain fly to keep you safe away from harsh elements. It has sturdy steel frames for durability. It comes pre-assembled and will only take a few seconds to set it up.

Those are my top five best tent cot that I have personally tried and tested but in my own personal view, I would prefer as the winner Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent cot. I liked this well cause I am a huge camper and having an oversized cot is great. It is also very comfortable as well.

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