1. Bushnell Pro X7

The benefits

Bushnell often boasts that its Pro X7 model is the best rated golf rangefinder 2017 in the market – and we are also tending to agree with it.

All of the advantages that have in the Tour Z6 version could be seen in this Pro X7 model of Bushnell (apart from a small form). Ranging is precise and quick with the ESP technology, and the lens are clear and bright in any conditions with light. Former users said the display is very brilliant, with the balance between the power of magnification and power. In addition, they also said that its operation is quite effectively in almost lighting working conditions. As a result, this made a challenging shot much simpler to evaluate.

The drawbacks

The major disadvantage of the Pro X7 golf rangefinder is the expensive price tags – all the extra energy, of course, will certainly be more costly. Nevertheless, among those golf players who have bought this rangefinder version, nearly all of them approve that it is definitely a worthy investment for any golf players.

The other drawback of this model is the contrary problem compared to the TecTecTec VPRO 500 – just a few users have complained about the heavy design of the Pro X7 golf rangefinder of Bushnell.

2. TecTecTec VPRO 500

The benefits

Many favorable users of this golf rangefinder claim they do not need anything else other than the advantages that a VPRO 500 could provide. This golf rangefinder device is really a perfect choice if you do not want to pay a few hundred additional USD on the whistle and bell of high-quality golf rangefinder. It is precise, quick, and very simple to read due to a simple design.

The basic display is favorable among users in their first time. Within the array of a VPRO 500 rangefinder, this version proves just as precise as more costly tools. The simple performance has the additional bonus for being helpful in other apps – some contractors as well as hunters also claim that a VPRO 500 rangefinder is their favorable version to use. Thus, they often use it for hunting range, landscape design, planning fence and other things.

The drawbacks

The main disadvantage of this version is what you could look for the price – most frequent users complain about the restriction in range and precision of the VPRO 500 golf rangefinder.

It also has some problems with its capability to differentiate the correct targets at once. Although the scanning mode could help you to choose the correct targets, the time for response is greatly longer than other 2 other versions in this article.

3. Bushnell Tour Z6

The benefits

The Tour Z6 golf rangefinder is one of the most reasonable Bushnell versions, but it still offers consistent result as well as quality, getting near outstanding score from blogger, reviewer and online press.

The result is precise and fast, which is improved by the EPS technology of Bushnell. Many former golf players think that the Tour Z6 version could offer them a practical reading before they have ended pressing the buttons. They also say it is a great leap forward compared to older versions that they had bought.

The drawbacks

Some golf players find the small design and lightweight form of this version to be a bad quality. Although most people regard it the asset, other people have trouble in holding this Tour Z6 version stable while they are aiming the target. Thus, you would want to go for a bigger version if you have unstable hands.

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