Things To Consider When Purchasing Slowpitch Softball Bats

If you want to purchase a good slow pitch softball bats, there are some factors you should investigate to select a great item. The factors we want to say are the barrel size, the length, weight, material of the product, the bat’s hold and the grip. And lastly, you should consider that if the bat is suitable for ASA or USSSA.

In fact, the data for the standard bats does not exist, so all the things you should do is follow our instruction, try the product and select it following your enjoyment.

Purchasing Slowpitch Softball Bats

Barrel size

As soon as talking about the factor “barrel size”, we usually concentrate on the barrel diameter. This is the part which connects to the pitch, and it must be smooth as well as curvy.

This part is often 2 inches long and the bat is usually between 12 and 14 inches in length. That is the average length of the item. If the item is shorter, it will hit very strongly. And in contrast, if the bat is larger, it will be typical for speed hitting. You can choose any products which you feel comfortable when using. When shopping, you should try some swings with the bats and experience when holding them before purchasing.


The grip is also known as the handle of the slowpitch softball bats. This part is located between the knob and the taper of the bats. The suitable length of this part is usually from 10 to 15 inches. The grip is made from some materials, like rubber, leather, synthetic leather. Each of the materials has the different benefits. For examples, the rubber grip absorbs the shock very well, and the leather grip or the synthetic leather grip is very firm.

Bat taper

The part which connects the handle of the bat with the barrel is called the taper. This area must be smooth. It is about 31/31nds of one inch long. If the bat with this part is narrower, it is typical for extension by swinging the wrists.


This is one of the most important factors you should consider carefully when buying a bat. There is a wide range of weight, between 26oz and 30oz, and you can easily find them at any stores. The 26oz, 27oz, 28oz, or 30oz are the popular weight and interestingly, 29oz is the weight we find hard to explore.

Based on the weight distribution of the bats, there are 2 kinds, they are balanced and endloaded model. In the balance bats, the weight is separated equally and in the endloaded bats, the weight will gather at the end of the bats. With a heavy item, you must play with more power and definitely, the hits will be larger. And, if you choose a lighter bat, the speed will be much greater.

Well, you shouldn’t choose a bat which is too heavy, because, at that time, you will find very hard to control the speed you want to create.


The general length of the bats in the market is 34 inch. So you don’t have to think of this factor much more.


The slowpitch softball bats are made from many kinds of materials, for examples: composite, wood, alloy or aluminum. Every material cost the different prices so you should consider your budget before buying.

People usually love the bats covered with composite most. It is produced by the combination of the carbon fiber, fiberglass as well as the graphite. At one time, they will break but generally, this kind of bat is very sturdy. And in addition, they are expensive as well.

Besides, the bats which are covered with wood are the most popular. To produce them, they use Maple, Composite Wood, Ash or Bamboo.

The bamboo material bats are considered as the strongest items and endure for a long time. The bats with ash are soft but not durable. And the maple ones are stiff and usually chose by the big hitters.

Aluminum is one kind of the material which is strong, durable and lightweight. The aluminum bats are hard to break and quite cheap as well.

In addition, there is one type which is the mixture of the aluminum and the composite material. This kind of bat is soft and limits the vibration.

About theauthor: John Sydwell, a softball player, has a huge passion for sports and he has a huge collection of the most modern equipment of sport to serve his ambition. To explain for this huge passion, he revealed that sport has always been his source of fascination and outlet of stress, which allows him to live much better.

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