Guides in Finding the Best Youth Compound Bow

What is your kid’s interest?

Nowadays, the number of youths who are interested in learning the field of archer has started to grow. This is not a big question because at a very young age, many children are already aware about various sports.

Kid archers

This is actually a good way of spending quality time with your kids. This might not be a normal lifestyle that other kids are used to, but it is a great thing to let your child grow and enjoy the field of sports that they are interested in, and glad to know that it is archery. This is not simply about sports because this skill can later on turn out to be a hobby or an outdoor activity that will lead you to the adventure of hunting.

Factors to Consider in Finding the Best Youth Compound Bow

The users are just kids. Yes, they are kids, but they are determined to learn. As a beginner and as a student, it would be good to find the best youth compound bow to use. Let us consider some factors that you need to know. These will serve as a guide for you to know which compound bow you will get for your kids.

Factors to Consider

First, you have to determine the age and the size of your child because these youth bows have something to do with the performance of the child. The age of the child matters a lot because those bows for the older and bigger kids might not be a comfortable bow for the younger ones. Make sure that you will choose the one that your child can carry, so that they can make a good shot.
Next is the draw weight. This is a very important factor when you are looking for a compound bow for your child because if the draw weight is too much for your child, then it can be harmful to the growth and development of your child. Always keep in mind, that your kid must be able to make a smooth draw with their bow. You might try to let them start with a 10 to 15 pound range. As they get older or bigger, then they can add some more pounds and reach the 25 to 35 pound range.

Lastly, you have to consider the total weight as an important factor too, because the weight of the compound bow that your child will carry matters. The total weight of the bow must not be very heavy for the child because their bodies do not have enough strength yet to carry a heavy bow. If your kids are about 5 years old, then they may use a 3pound bow.

The Best Youth Compound Bows

Now, let’s check out the best bow. This will serve as a review for you, so that you will have an idea if this bow is really a great choice, but no doubt because it really is the best.

The Diamond Atomic Youth Compound Bow is a very good option for you because with this bow, you can easily make adjustments as your child grows. It has a 6pound draw weight with a draw length that you may customize by just rotating the limb module. This will allow you to reach your desired length. It has risers which are designed just like what adults have and it also has a port where you may later on mount a stabilizer. It has a secured limb bolt, so do not worry when you are adjusting the draw length because it will not back out. This compound bow weighs 1.9 pounds, so your kids can comfortably carry it. A real good bow for beginners. The colors available for the Diamond Atomic Youth Compound Bow are pink graphite and the blue graphite.

That’s it for the best youth compound bow review. Pretty sure that you had learned something about the bow that you may get for your kids. Be proud of your kid because he had just chosen one of the great sports and a recreational activity that he can do outdoors. With your child’s interest in archery, he will surely later on feel proud of himself, having the best bow he can learn with.

Michiko gained interest in hunting when she first accompanied a friend in the field. She was amused with the success of his friend in the field of hunting. From that experience with a friend, she started to learn how to use a bow and studied various techniques through the help of a friend. Now that she is already an advanced user, she would also want to share what she knows for beginners to boost their interest.”

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