The Interesting of Sapa tourism in Vietnam

Assortment of mountains in the eastern extremity of the Himalayas governs the Sa Pa District, located in 380 km north-west of Hanoi in the Lào Cai Province. Sapa tourism is attaining popularity among the tourists. The interesting aspect of Sapa tourist.


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Climbing over the Fansipan Mountain

Viewing the sea cloud and golden rice terraces to conquer the Indochina is an adventurous task though cable car will introduce in Fansipan in near future.  Climbing over a mountain is a difficult task as many people are afraid of climbing. But it is a most fascinating experience that most people want to have it once in a life time. In the time of Vietnam visit it is the best choice to climb up the mountain if one wants to enjoy the beauty of mountain.

Defeating the “Ham Rong” through uphill over the mountain

To reach in the top of Ham Rong high which is about 1800m Town is a popular sport for adventure seeking tourists.  Many courageous travelers come Sapa to enjoy the climbing over the mountain. And on the top of the mountain the city’s roads, hotels, resorts seem small. It is a great experience for the tourists. Because when one reach in the top it will become lifetime achievement for its climbers.

Enjoying the Silver waterfall and Love waterfall.

Situated on the road to Lai Chau province Silver waterfall and Love waterfall resemblances the Love between 7th fairy and woodcutter is far reaching  from the center of town about 12km. tourists love to visit the waterfall as we all heard the story since our childhood. The mind-blowing scenery of the waterfall is able to give enormous joy to its visitors.



Relish the remarkable backdrop at “O Quy Ho” Pass.

Visiting in O Qui Ho pass is one of the four great pass of the north mountain as upright on top of the pass linking the two provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau.

Feel the astounding feature of sunrise and sunset of SaPa.

Sapa is enriched with the idiosyncratic beauty of nature where tourists come to feel the spotlessness of environment. In the morning the Sapa is decorated with distinct touch of nature and the frigid morning may take one to a different wonder land. It will be a treat if one has the opportunity to see the nature purity by holding a warm cup of coffee with a plate omelet. Romanticism surrounds oneself in the time of viewing the outstanding sunrise and sunset of Sapa. Visitors often say when sun is gradually vanishing behind the Hoang Lien Mountains the Sapa sun looked different.

Appreciating feature of SaPa cuisine.

Specialisms such as “mam da”, salmon fish, streams fish, “muong” pork served with the barbeque is the best attraction of the restaurants hence Sapa Weather is seamless for adoring the local made barbeque with drink corn wine.

Moreover sapa is offering disguised cuisine and places for travelers and those who wish to explore its beauty.

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